New Moon in Gemini — June 12, 2010, 11:15 UT

The Gemini New Moon invites us to dance. Besides the Sun and the Moon in Gemini, also Mercury has newly arrived to its home sign.

Gemini is a youthful and sociable air sign, where planets want to have fun. Both the sign and its ruler, Mercury, are concerned with communication, contact and motion.

The Roman god Mercury was a swift-footed messenger between gods and men, who, with his winged golden sandals, travelled like the wind between the worlds. He was a playful trickster. He was musical; Mercury inherited his attributes from the Greek equivalent, Hermes, who invented several musical instruments. He made the first lyre, and he knew how to play it, too.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon degree Gemini 22 is A barn dance. This is a symbol of self-fulfillment through participation and shared experience. Dr. Marc Edmund Jones’s keyword for the symbol is gregariousness.

In Sagittarius, opposite the Sun and the Moon dances Quaoar.

Quaoar is a Kuiper belt object discovered eight years ago by Chad Trujillo and Mike Brown. It is possibly the densest known object in the Kuiper belt, a rock ball among the icy population of the belt.

Quaoar is named for the creation deity of the Tongva tribe. The Tongva are the native people of the area around Los Angeles, where the discovery of Quaoar was made. The planet has a tiny moon named after Quaoar’s son, Weywot. The name for the moon was chosen by the Tongva tribe and made official last year.

According to the myth, at first there was Chaos, and then along came Quaoar, who was lonely and began to dance and sing the song of creation. God of the Sky, Weywot, was first to be formed of the creation melody. Next came the goddess of the Earth. These new deities joined Quaoar in the dance and created the Sun and the Moon. Together they sang and danced everything else into existence.


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