Mercury Stationed Retrograde – February 14, 2007, 04:38 UT

The Sun at 25+ Aquarius is aligned with the Saturn-Neptune opposition and opposing asteroid Sphinx at 24+ degrees Leo. The Sun-Neptune conjunction is at the midpoint of Venus and Mars. Both Venus and Mars are in quincunx to retrograding Saturn and thus form a Yod with Saturn.

The Sun is semisextiling asteroid Urania exactly to the minute, semisquaring the Moon, sextiling the Galactic Core and asteroid Lilith and trineing the conjunction of Juno and centaur planet Echeclus.

The Moon is forming a sextile to the stationing Mercury and the following aspects to other planets: a semisextile to asteroid Toro, a novile to Neptune, a quintile to Venus, and a quintile to the conjunction of Juno and Echeclus.

Mercury is on the North Node together with Uranus, Ceres, and Venus. Mercury quintiles Pluto, squares Toro, and forms a novile to Eris.

Venus opposes cubewano Logos, squares asteroid Eros, sextiles Mars and Sedna, forms a novile to Chiron, and semisextiles Eris. Venus and Eris are in parallel.

Mars forms an Earth Trine with Sedna and Logos. Mars semisextiles asteroid Eros, squares Eris, and forms a sesquisquare to cubewano Chaos. Saturn squares Sedna and forms a Fire Trine with Eris and Eros.

Jupiter, plutino Ixion, and cubewano Quaoar are in conjunction. Jupiter and Ixion are in parallel. Jupiter and Quaoar square the lunar nodes. Ceres is on the North Node. Asteroid Psyche is retrograde on the South Node. Uranus squares Ixion on the Great Attractor. Jupiter trines centaur planet Asbolus and quincunxes cubewano Varuna. Jupiter, Varuna, and Pallas form a Yod. Pallas, Psyche, and Asbolus form another Yod.

Neptune forms an exact quincunx to Logos, a square to Sedna, a sextile, to Eris and a septile to Pluto. Juno and Echeclus sextile Pluto and Orcus trines Pluto.

Chaos = 6 Gemini 22 r
Nessus = 8 Aquarius 20
Toro = 10 Sagittarius 09
Ixion = 13 Sagittarius 20
Psyche = 15 Virgo 53 r
Asbolus = 16 Aries 22
Varuna = 16 Cancer 33 r
Quaoar = 17 Sagittarius 29
Sedna = 19 Taurus 12
Logos & Zoe = 19 Virgo 43 r
Eris = 20 Aries 21
Eros = 21 Sagittarius 14
Sphinx = 24 Leo 23 r
Urania = 25 Capricorn 06
Lilith = 25 Sagittarius 26
Echeclus = 27 Libra 34 r
Orcus = 28 Leo 03 r

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