Solar Eclipse in Aries 29.03.2006 - 10:15 UT

Saros series 139, eclipse family 8 North

Solar Eclipse in Aries

Simultaneously with the eclipse Pluto is stationing retrograde within one degree apart from the Galactic Center. Pluto in the eclipse chart = 26 45' 19" Sagittarius, the Galactic Center = 26 56' 23" Sagittarius.

The eclipse occurs conjunct Asbolus. In mythology centaur Asbolus was a seer and a diviner, who read omens in the flight of birds. The Sabian Symbol for the eclipse degree 9 Aries is "A crystal gazer". In "The Eagle and the Lark" Bernadette Brady tells us that "inventiveness and flashes of genius" are the hallmark of the Saros series 8 North. "The individual will have intuitive leaps, insights, good ideas, visions or vivid dreams."

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