New Moon in Aquarius 17.02.2007 - 16:14 UT

New Moon in Aquarius

The Moon is opposite plutino Orcus, trine centaur Echeclus, which has a cometary coma, and sextile Pluto.
Echeclus = Orcus/Pluto.

Echeclus attended the Lapith king Pirithous' wedding with other Centaurs and was killed by Ampyx, who had thrust his lance that lacked its point into the face of Echeclus. The name Echeclus possibly means "glutinous".

Hades was a god of the underworld. The Romans called him Pluto, but they also had another deity, Orcus, whose name, like the name Hades, also meant the land of the dead. He ruled promises and was a punisher of broken oaths.

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