Solar Eclipse in Pisces 19.03.2007 - 02:43 UT

Saros series 149, eclipse family 9 New North

Solar Eclipse in Pisces

The eclipse point is on the North Node conjunct the Aries Point.
The Sun and the Moon are in conjunction to centaur planet Bienor and dwarf planet Ceres.
The Sun = 28 07' Pisces, The Moon = 28 07' Pisces, Bienor = 28 20' Pisces, Ceres = 29 57' Pisces.

The eclipse point is squaring dwarf planet Pluto and the Galactic Core. Uranus conjuncts the North Node.
Venus is forming an aspect to all female centaurs: an opposition to Chariklo, a quincunx to Hylonome and a square to Okyrhoe. Jupiter, Saturn, Asbolus, Neptune, Logos, Eris and Sedna are all at +19/+20 degrees aspecting each other.

Solar Eclipse of March (NASA)
Worldwide visibility of the event (NASA)

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