About me

My Sun sign is Taurus, my rising sign is Cancer and my Moon is in Leo. The main aspect of my chart is a fixed grand cross.

I first became interested in astrology during the end of the 90's, but more actively I have taken interest in it since the spring of 2000. I think my increased interest was due to the Taurus alignment, a stellium formation of seven traditional planets in Taurus in May 2000.

In the autumn of 2002 I got interested in Centaurs and other new planets. The discovery of Quaoar was announced at the time of the New Moon of October 2002. Quaoar was then transiting my North Node and the New Moon - which also happened to be a so called Super Moon - was conjunct my natal Quaoar. Also the transiting Chiron was hovering around my descendant.

You can reach me here.