New Moon in Taurus – May 19, 2023, 15:53 UT

The New Moon at 28+ degrees of Taurus is in conjunction with Sedna, one of the most significant minor planet discoveries in the 21st century. Sedna is in the last degree of Taurus about to enter Gemini in mid-June for the first time. Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus are now in Taurus too.

New Moon in Taurus

The orbital period of Sedna is extremely long and lasts about 11,400 years. The orbit is highly elliptical. That is why Sedna spends thousands of years in some zodiac signs, and only some decades in others. Sedna is now approaching its perihelion in Cancer. It spent about 100 years in Aries and about 56 years in Taurus. It will travel in Gemini for about 43 years and in Cancer only for about 40 years, after which the time spent in each sign starts gradually get longer again. When Sedna is far from the Sun and moves very slowly, it is like a fixed star. Only now that it is near the Sun and travels “fast”, can we experience its transits. We are living in unprecedented times!

Sedna was named after the Inuit goddess of the Arctic Ocean. There are several variations of the Sedna myth, and they offer plenty of material for astrological delineation. However, the extremely long orbit of Sedna refers to experiences that reach beyond several generations and are collective. That is why in my opinion Sedna is the primary astrological symbol for climate change.

Water and arctic cold are Sedna’s elements. The Arctic region is warming faster than the rest of the world and Sedna is not happy. Sedna wants to be heard. If we don’t listen to her warnings, we may have to deal with her anger. At this New Moon Sedna once again reminds us that our world needs effective climate action by every country and by all people.

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