New Moon in Virgo – Sept. 15, 2023, 01:40 UT

The New Moon in Virgo opposes the trans-Neptunian object Teharonhiawako in Pisces. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, and it is powerfully stationary in its own sign at the New Moon. Mercury turns direct later today. When the Sun is in Virgo, it is the time of the harvest. The symbol of Virgo is a maiden carrying a sheaf of corn.

New Moon in Virgo

88611 Teharonhiawako is a binary object, and the companion is named Sawiskera. The names come from Iroquois mythology. Teharonhiawako and Sawiskera were twin gods and the myth describes battle between good and evil. Maize was considered as a special gift from the creator. Teharonhiawako was the maize god, and he gave many good things to the Iroquois. People loved him. Sawiskera was his evil and destructive brother, who was eventually conquered by Teharonhiawako.

Ukraine has been one of the world’s biggest exporters of maize, wheat and other grains. Since the beginning of the war in February 2022, Ukraine’s export of grain has been severely disrupted. This has increased global food prices and endangered the food security of the world. Putin is using food as a weapon.

The Black Sea Grain Initiative, which ensured safe export of grain from Ukraine, was signed in July 2022. Russia refused to renew the deal in July 2023 and started to attack on Ukraine’s ports in the Black Sea and also the alternative routes along the Danube. According to Ukrainian authorities, more than 270,000 tons of grain have been destroyed by recent Russian attacks on Danube ports.

Mercury rules transportation, agreements and contracts, and perhaps there will be solutions available now that it turns direct. The myth is alive. Eventually good will overcome evil.

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