New Moon in Gemini – June 15, 2007, 03:13 UT

THE NEW MOON occurs at 23+ degrees Gemini. Sabian Symbol for Gemini 24 by Marc Edmund Jones: “Children skating on ice. This is a symbol of the persisting imminence of adventure in experience, and of the constant danger to self in failing to sustain or order the complex of things as they are. Implicit in the symbolism is the value of an established reality as a foundation for further refinement of personal capacity and skill. The satisfaction of a successful self-expression always must remain a dynamic impetus to further achievement, and so never become a static aplomb or a surrender to self as it stands. The keyword is fun.”

The New Moon conjuncts centaur planet Cyllarus. The mythological creature after which this body is named was a young and beautiful centaur that was in love with a female centaur, Hylonome. I quote Eric Francis: “This is conjunct the centaur planet Cyllarus, which (as the presence of any centaur does) accelerates the processes indicated by the lunation, and reminds us to be conscious of the choices we are making in our lives — particularly the choice to fight, or walk away from a fight. Cyllarus reminds us that the decisions we make in life directly affect our relationships profoundly, and we need to be conscious of them in this context. We are connected by the threads of our lives to every person in our lives.”

The Sun, Moon and Cyllarus are opposite Pluto on the Galactic Core, trine Neptune and sextile to a triple conjunction of Mars, 1992 QB1 and Eris in Aries. Mars sextiles Neptune and trines Saturn. Saturn and Neptune are approaching their third exact opposition, which will occur on June 25. Saturn sextiles Cyllarus and forms a trine to Eris and to 1992 QB1. Neptune sextiles Eris and 1992 QB1. Mars = Sun/Neptune = Moon/Neptune.

Jupiter conjunct the Great Attractor sextiles Chiron in Aquarius. Jupiter sextiles also Juno – 2003 EL61 – Rhadamanthus conjunction in Libra. Jupiter = Chiron/Juno.

Mercury is moving very slowly at the moment of the New Moon; it’s almost standing still, getting ready to make its retrograde station, which happens later on the same day at 23:40 UT. Mercury doesn’t make aspects to any main planets, but it is in close conjunction with asteroid Industria. “Industria” is the Latin word for “diligence.” Diligence is one of the seven virtues and the opposite of sloth, its counterpart among the seven deadly sins.

The New Moon semisquares Venus, which is in conjunction with asteroid Sisyphus. Sisyphus of Greek mythology was compelled as a punishment to roll a huge rock up a hill forever. Before he reached the top of the hill, the rock always escaped him and he had to start again. Martha Lang-Wescott calls the Venus-Sisyphus conjunction the “Mother Teresa aspect.”

Both Industria and Sisyphus seem to have a relationship with a great amount of continuous work. Eric Francis explained the difference to me:

“I think that the key difference will be that Sisyphus work will seem pointless, while Industria work will feel like inventing a process to extract bromine from fossilized seawater, leading to many other developments (such as plastics and dioxins). In other words, industrialists stop at nothing. But look at the world they create.”

Venus also conjuncts two centaur planets, Okyrhoe and Elatus. According to Philip Sedgwick, Okyrhoe “promotes principles of discernment and conscious life skills.” His delineation for Elatus is “expression of self and ego through word and writing.”

Uranus squares Cyllarus and sextiles Sedna. Pallas is in close conjunction with Uranus. Pallas and Uranus oppose cubewano Logos in Virgo tightly. Another opposition in Virgo-Pisces polarity is formed by main belt asteroids Urania and Psyche. Urania is named after the heavenly muse of astrology and astronomy. Urania-Psyche opposition is aligned with the nodal axis.

Ceres occupies the discovery degree of Chiron at 3+ degrees Taurus.

The brightest asteroid, Vesta — among other things representing issues related to work — at 5+ degrees Sagittarius shines exceptionally bright these days, as Vesta will reach its perihelion (the point where an object orbiting the Sun is closest to the Sun) on June 16.

Eris = 21 Aries 28
2003 EL61 = 12 Libra 29 r
The Great Attractor = 14 Sag 08
The Galactic Core = 26 Sag 58

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