New Moon in Sagittarius – December 9, 2007, 17:40 UT

By Kirsti Melto and Eric Francis

THE NEW MOON at 17+ degrees Sagittarius occurs near the Great Attractor and in exact conjunction with cubewano Quaoar. Also Mercury and plutino Ixion, which are even closer to the Great Attractor, are conjunct the Sun and Moon.

The Great Attractor is a fixed point at 14+ degrees Sagittarius. It is a bit mysterious, a kind of anti-Big Bang, a point pulling everything — including us — toward it, but nobody currently understands entirely what this point is. The Great Attractor has a tendency to make things bigger, to polarize situations and push people one way or the other. It is associated with distinct or even extreme opinions.

The exact conjunction of the Sun and Quaoar happens one and a half hours after the New Moon. Quaoar speaks to the rhythms and choreography into which we were born, as these manifest within the family pattern going back countless generations. It points to how we dance to the music of our own creation mythology more or less unconsciously. Quaoar is named for a Native American creation deity of the Tongva people from what is now Southern California.

Mercury conjuncts Ixion less than four hours after the New Moon. Ixion is named for a mythologized former king, a descendent of the god Ares (sometimes called Mars) and, notably, the first human to commit murder. Would-be rapist of the gods (in particular, Hera, whom he unsuccessfully tried to attack after Jupiter offered to help rehabilitate him from his act of killing another man), he is a squanderer of second chances.

Ixion suggests “what we are all capable of” and points to the common thread among all forms of violence, be they physical or emotional. Ixion is the pattern or psychological construction which says we cannot change our inherent nature no matter what the consequences or punishment. We can perhaps change, but Ixion represents the idea that we cannot. He relates to the collective memory of original sin (murder, not sex) and how this is recalled, perhaps subtly, in any experience of desire, transformation or passion.

Uranus in Pisces is opposing Typhon in Virgo. Typhon is “the first binary Centaur.” In mythology Typhon was the father of hot storm winds. All the aforementioned planets in Sagittarius are in square aspect to both Uranus and Typhon.

In Sagittarius on the Galactic Core are also Jupiter and Pluto close to their exact conjunction, which occurs on Dec. 11. Centaur planet Bienor, “the Strong One,” has squared Pluto on Dec. 8 and then later on the same day stationed direct at 28+ degrees Pisces.

Asteroid Juno in the first degree of Sagittarius squares the lunar nodes.

The Sun and Moon sextile Neptune, Mercury sextiles Chiron, Mars sextiles Saturn, and Neptune sextiles Eris.

1992 QB1, the first planet discovered beyond Pluto, and Eris, the first planet found after Pluto’s discovery in 1930 that has proved to be bigger than Pluto, are in conjunction at 20+ degrees Aries. This is a very rare event because of the length of their orbits.

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