Full Moon in Capricorn — July 18, 2008, 07:59 UT

By Kirsti Melto

Capricorn is usually not described as one of the easiest placements for the Moon, and a Full Moon here can be especially stressful. However, you can use the complex astrology of this moment for profound healing. It is not possible to go through the process of healing without experiencing some pain. We are all subject to pain at some point of our lives, and after the healing process we are freer to continue living.

There are two Yod patterns in the chart, and the energies involved in these aspect patterns imply that issues from the past may spurt out and ask for a discussion. These issues may have something to do with religious beliefs or convictions, possibly passed to you by your parents or grandparents. This can mean strife of some kind, or finding a balance between those beliefs and your mental reasoning, an adjustment between religion and logic.

In the Full Moon chart the Capricorn Moon has already passed Jupiter, but it is still in wide conjunction with it. In a separating aspect the energy is not so strong as it would be in an applying aspect, but the Luminaries (the Sun and Moon) are usually granted a wider orb than other planets. Also, the Moon and Jupiter are in a parallel conjunction, which intensifies the power of this conjunction.

If two bodies share the same degree of declination, that is, they are at the same distance from the celestial equator (either north or south of the celestial equator), they are said to be parallel. In Capricorn, Jupiter’s expansiveness is restricted, but in this case with the Moon it may still cause outbursts of feeling. Venus in Leo dramatizes these exaggerated reactions.

While the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Virgo has begun to separate, the Sun and Moon are each separately forming tight aspects to these planets; the Moon is sesquisquare Mars (an aspect of 135 degrees) and the Sun is novile to Saturn (an aspect of 40 degrees). Sue Tompkins mentions in Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook about a Mars-Saturn combination: “this can be a contact of the bully and the bullied.”

In any Yod pattern there are two planets in sextile aspect to each other, and each of them is forming a quincunx (an aspect of 150 degrees) to a third planet. A quincunx is an annoying, stressful aspect which requires adjustment. This is not always so easy, and it requires a conscious effort to deal with the energies involved.

The first Yod involves Chiron in Aquarius, Varuna in Cancer and Logos in Virgo. Chiron, the healing planet, whose most important keyword is awareness, is the focal planet of this aspect structure, and the focal planet of any Yod is the place where you need to pay attention. Retrograding Chiron is forming a quincunx to the two other planets involved, Varuna and Logos, sextiling each other.

Eric Francis wrote in Small World Stories about Varuna:

“The energy of Varuna is that which is too large to comprehend, but which somehow touches us personally. Varuna contains some response to the question, ‘If God is so powerful why should s/he care about me’?”

“…One thing we can reasonably say about Varuna is that he exists on a very large scale and has the feeling of being so far beyond the human realm that he might as well be a deity-alien in a different dimension. But he’s not; we know his name, we can see him in our charts, and we can get a feeling for where we are bringing that quality of totally-beyond energy into manifestation in our lives.”

Philip Sedgwick’s delineation for Logos contains these keywords:

“Positive: clarity of personal priorities, belief in one’s own destiny, sense of personal urgency, commitment to self-nurturing and cause, sense of one’s connection to all that Is, logical, rational, use of natural order and law to describe and define life.”

The Sabian Symbol for the Chiron degree of this Full Moon is Aquarius 20, and it strongly supports the above mentioned aspects: A big white dove, a message bearer. Quoting M. E. Jones:

“This is a symbol of man’s recognition of a transcendental or superior wisdom from which he may always receive his inspiration and assurance, emphasized here by his inner faith and his self-strengthening through an ever-constructive attitude of mind. There are always secret signs of divine favor for a faithful heart, and they are no less real because the reason is able to dismiss them as a mere oversensitiveness to the prompting of a wholly naÔve insight. The keyword is conviction. When positive, the degree is a facility for ordering all personal desires in a cosmic framework and a gift for knowing when to act and what to do, and when negative, sanctimonious self-deception.”

The other Yod is formed by Mercury in Cancer, Nessus in Aquarius and Ixion in Sagittarius. Mercury is the apex planet, and because of Mercury’s rapid movement, this Yod is exact only briefly at the Capricorn Full Moon.

Mercury in Cancer is helpful in remembering and reflecting the past. We first need to be aware that something actually was wrong, before we can heal. The communication now can be sensitive, but emotional. Don’t let surfacing fears prevent you from having a conversation that needs to take place, because this is an excellent moment to achieve a release from possible karmic abuse patterns.

According to Eric, Nessus helps to identify and heal ancestral abuse patterns, which can be psychological, physical or sexual in nature. These can be collective issues, not just individual. Nessus may help to reveal something about the past hurts, but also how we are likely to hurt others.

Ixion is the planet that represents a dark power, that which we are all capable of — namely, anything. It can point to all forms of violence, physical or emotional, but also helps to heal the damage done.

At this Full Moon unsolved issues can be brought into light. Use the warmth of Venus in Leo and the sensitivity of the Cancer planets to assist you in this.


Earlier this week the news reported: the International Astronomical Union has finally accepted Mike Brown’s proposal for the proper name for the Kuiper belt object 2005 FY9. 2005 FY9 is now Makemake. Makemake is the creator of humanity and the god of fertility in the mythology of the South Pacific island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island).

The Capricorn Full Moon is trine to Makemake in Virgo. Although I am not yet offering any delineation for Makemake, I want to mention also the other aspects of this newly named planet in this chart: Makemake is semisquare Venus, opposite Uranus, quincunx Neptune and conjunct Logos.

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