Full Moon in Pisces — September 15, 2008, 09:13 UT

At this Full Moon everything seems possible. The energy is fresh and enthusiastic. The Moon is in Pisces, the most imaginative sign of the zodiac. Pisces is co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter has turned direct just recently, only about a week ago, after several months’ retrogradation, boosting us with optimism. Jupiter expands everything it touches.

Also Pluto has turned direct, simultaneously with Jupiter. It still has a couple of months left in Sagittarius, which is another sign ruled by Jupiter, before re-entering Capricorn in November. Pluto adds depth into this combination.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. Last phases can be challenging, whether the last sign, the last phase of the Moon, the 12th house or the last degrees of a sign. Pluto is now at 28+ degrees of Sagittarius.

A Finnish astrologer Raimo A. Nikula has noted that it’s precisely the 28+ degree of a sign that is often the most difficult one, not the last degree. According to him there is always a paradox involved in last degrees: they can be both punishing as well as be spiritually very rewarding, because the individual has in his possession the whole experience and extension of the sign. Raimo has said that the last phases carry the possibility to purify the soul so that new life experience is possible, but first the individual may have to face things that rise from the unconscious.

The Full Moon is conjunct Uranus, the planet associated with originality, intellectual brilliance, flashes of insight and innovation. Opposite the Moon, the intelligent Virgo Sun is in conjunction with a trans-Neptunian minor planet Logos. Virgo is the analytical and mental sign ruled by Mercury.

Logos is a binary Kuiper Belt object with an orbital period about 305 years. Its companion is named Zoe. A binary planet is a pair of worlds that are often similar in mass and orbit one another around a gravitational balance point between the two — the barycenter. Logos can be associated with scientific breakthroughs, with scientists and technology. Eric Francis has noticed that Logos would appear to represent the “higher octave? of Mercury. “Mercury addresses both the spirit of the mind, and its content; it is the medium of communication, and to some extent that which is communicated. I feel all of these attributes coming from Logos”, he wrote few months ago.

Furthermore, according to Eric, Cubewano Logos and asteroid Atlantis are two planets distinctly associated with the use and abuse of information and technology. Atlantis would include distortions of science, and the effects of small things on big systems. Atlantis is a culture that in our mythology fell from grade as a result of the abuse of its technology.

There are many flowing trines in the Full Moon chart. Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Virgo and Vesta in Taurus form a Grand Trine in Earth. Trines are harmonious and easy, and the planets in question work in an agreement, but this can lead to patterns that sometimes are difficult to get out of.

A grand trine represents a cycle that tends to hold its focus, for good or for ill. A planet at the midpoint of two planets, making sextiles to them and opposing a third, offers a focus and a way out of stuck patterns of a Grand Trine. Asteroid Atlantis in Scorpio is with a wide orb sextile to Jupiter and Saturn, and opposite Vesta, the eternal flame of creativity. Remember the symbolism of Atlantis and be aware of possible proneness to false information, for example.

Mercury, Venus and Mars are in a close conjunction in balanced and harmonious Libra. A conjunction of Mercury and Venus always indicates great creativity. Venus and Mars are symbols of our inner polar opposites. Venus is strong in its own sign. Mercury rules communication and all mental activity. Together these three assure a stable state of mind and an ability to present our ideas passionately.

This can be time of in-depth feeling or intellectual discharge; use the time well. Visions can be transformed into reality.


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