The Blue Moon of June – June 30, 2007, 13:49 UT

THE SECOND Full Moon in June occurs at 8+ degrees Capricorn and opposes a conjunction formed by the Sun, the retrograding Mercury and two main belt asteroids, Astraea and Photographica. This cluster in Cancer sextiles a Mars-Ceres conjunction in Taurus and a conjunction of two asteroids, Pandora and Sphinx, at the South Node of the Moon in Virgo.

Astraea was the fifth asteroid discovered. After its discovery in 1845, thousands of other asteroids were found, and the four original ones (including Vesta, the fourth to be discovered), which were regarded as planets at the time, were demoted to the asteroid class. Ceres, the only asteroid known to be round, belongs now to a new “dwarf planet” class, defined by astronomers last summer. Please see what Eric Francis wrote last July when the New Moon occurred square Astraea and Mercury was retrograding in Cancer, as it is now: Eric’s blog.

The asteroid Photographica deals with visual imagery, often literally with all things photographic.

The Full Moon is quincunx cubewano Chaos in Gemini and centaur planet Elatus in Leo. The Moon is trining a Mars-Ceres conjunction in Taurus and a Pandora-Sphinx conjunction in Virgo. The Moon sextiles the North Node and forms a novile to centaur planet Hylonome in Scorpio.

The Sun is semisextile to Chaos and Elatus and semisquare a triple conjunction of Venus, asteroid Atlantis and Saturn. Asteroid Atlantis carries a theme of abuse of information and abuse of technological power. The triple conjunction of Venus, Atlantis and Saturn squares Sedna in Taurus, trines Eris-1992 QB1 conjunction in Aries and opposes Neptune in Aquarius. The Sun = Elatus/Chaos.

The Sun is biquintile to Chiron. Venus quintiles Chaos, Mars quintiles Neptune. Quintiles are 72-degree aspects that are based on dividing the astrological wheel in five, originally proposed by the astronomer Kepler. Eric has written:

“They are considered ‘minor’ aspects by most astrologers but are by no means so. They were developed not by the ancients, but rather by a distinctly modern guy named Kepler, who lived in Germany a few centuries ago. …Rick Levine, a true Keplerphile, once told me that quintiles are more like Mozart and less like Beethoven. In other words, they are not about technical perfection; they are about going with the flow. Rick has also described them as the soul of the chart. …”

The Sun is trine the North Node. Chaos squares the lunar nodes. Eric has delineated Chaos in his article “Chiron and the Worlds Beyond Neptune” as follows:

“Chaos was the supreme Greek creation deity — the forebear of the primary gods including Gaia (Earth) and Eros (the love that softens hearts). A cubewano discovered in 1998 with an orbit of just over 311 years, its theme is potential made manifest and the hidden order of reality. Its presence reminds us that the cosmos or creator is the source of all life and existence, and is our ultimate destination beyond the end of time. We return whence we came; we are infinitely connected with our own origins. In the psyche it’s the process of giving names to the unnameable so we can enter into relationship, and becoming a vehicle of creative expression so we can become like our source. Chaos is a personal access point to the fertile void, the space-out-of-mind that is the richest creative source available. To those attempting the uncreative use of power as a control method, Chaos can bring the condition for which it’s known in modern usage.”

Mercury semisquares the triple conjunction of Venus, Atlantis and Saturn in Leo and Sedna in Taurus. Mercury = Venus/Sedna.

Mars semisquares Uranus and Pallas in Pisces. Pallas-Uranus conjunction sextiles Sedna.

Jupiter is in conjunction with plutino Ixion and trines Elatus.

Neptune sextiles Eris-1992 QB1 conjunction and squares Sedna.

Asteroid Lilith is conjunct Pluto and semisextiles Hylonome. Asteroid Apollo in Taurus opposes Hylonome.

Asteroid Eros in Capricorn sextiles Pallas-Uranus conjunction and squares Eris-1992 QB1 conjunction.

Eris = 21+ Aries

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