Full Moon in Aquarius – July 30, 2007, 00:48 UT

THE FULL MOON is in close conjunction with asteroid Child at 6+ degrees Aquarius. According to Martha Lang-Wescott, asteroid Child relates to “one’s own experience as a child and to attitudes toward and events with children; childish reactions (ranging from innocence to immaturity).”

The Moon and asteroid Child are in conjunction with Nessus and Chiron, two of the earliest discovered centaur planets, Chiron being the first, and Nessus the third. Chiron and Nessus have long been in ongoing conjunction, “the era-defining conjunction,” as Eric Francis has described it.

Eric has written:

The centaurs (Chiron-like bodies, including Pholus, Nessus, Asbolus, Chariklo, and Hylonome) talk about transformation processes, healing processes, as well as psychological tools we use to get through life…Nessus talks about abuse patterns in the family of origin, and how they manifest psychologically in adults.

He has also noted that Nessus is “a planet that addresses abuse legacies. Sexual abuse takes many forms, and one of them is repression. It does not need to be a perpetrated sexual act; it can be of course, but it can be a psychological climate that instills pain, struggle, guilt and any other form of psychic difficulty.”

The Moon is septile cubewano Quaoar. Eric’s delineation:

Quaoar’s placement gives an intimate portrait of the dance of the family’s emotional process and its impact on us. Quaoar speaks to the rhythms and choreography into which we were born, as these manifest within the family pattern going back generations. It points to how we dance to the music of our own creation more or less unconsciously, and suggests that we have a conscious relationship with our personal creation mythology.

The Moon forms a quincunx to Typhon, the first known binary centaur. The primary was discovered in 2002 and the binary companion was discovered in 2006. The original definition of centaurs includes only those objects with semimajor axes between the orbits of Jupiter and Neptune, and Typhon doesn’t fit that criterion. Some astronomers use a broader definition of “centaur” that also includes Typhon. According to astrologer Juan Revilla’s unofficial designation Typhon is a quasi-centaur (their semimajor axis is outside the orbit of Neptune but inside the orbit of Pluto and their perihelion distance is close to Uranus). Typhon in the Full Moon chart is at the South Node of the Moon.

The Sun in Leo is quintile Mars in Taurus and trine Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Mercury and Varuna are in conjunction in Cancer. Mercury forms a semisextile to asteroid Iris (the female counterpart of Mercury) in Leo, a novile to Chaos in Gemini, a sextile to Sedna in Taurus and a sextile to Logos and to asteroid Pandora in Virgo. Mercury is square Juno in Libra and trine Uranus and Pallas in Aquarius.

Venus in Virgo stations retrograde on July 27 and will be retrograding back over the Sphinx Point — the region where the signs of Leo and Virgo meet — and approaching again plutino Orcus at the late degrees of Leo. Venus is currently conjunct Typhon and asteroid Atlantis. Venus sextiles Deucalion and Huya in Scorpio, squares Pholus and Vesta in Sagittarius, biseptiles Sedna in Taurus, trines Asbolus in Taurus, forms a quincunx to Bienor in Aries and opposes Teharonhiawako in Pisces.

Mars is in conjunction with Sedna, semisextile to Cyllarus in Gemini, septile to Bienor in Aries and square Saturn and Orcus in Leo. Mars forms a biseptile to Typhon in Virgo and opposes asteroids Toro and Hopi in Scorpio.

Jupiter conjuncts Ixion, sextiles Nessus, squares Typhon and trines Elatus. Asteroid Eros semisextiles Nessus.

Saturn conjuncts Orcus, sextiles Cyllarus in Gemini and Chariklo in Libra, trines Pluto at the Galactic Core, forms a quincunx to Pelion in Pisces and an opposition to Neptune in Aquarius. Chariklo sextiles Orcus. Hylonome squares Orcus.

Pallas-Uranus conjunction squares Quaoar, trines Varuna and opposes Logos and 2005 FY9. Asteroids Pandora, Icarus and Psyche in Virgo oppose Pallas and Uranus. Ceres in Taurus sextiles Pallas and Uranus.

Neptune sextiles Eris and squares Sedna. Cyllarus in Gemini and Echeclus in Libra are trine Neptune. Echeclus opposes Eris and 1992 QB1.

Pluto is biquintile Sedna and is receiving the following aspects: a sextile from Chariklo, a square from Pelion, a trine from Orcus and an opposition from Cyllarus.

Chiron biquintiles Logos and sextiles Ixion and Quaoar in Sagittarius. Asteroid Arachne at 13+ degrees of Leo opposes Chiron tightly. Ceres squares Chiron. Varuna sextiles Logos.

Asteroid Amor, the asteroid related to unconditional love, is retrograding at the Aries Point. She will ingress back to Pisces the next day after the Full Moon.

The Full Moon is square asteroid Nemesis at 6+ degrees Scorpio. Demetra George has written a lot about the female shadow and the goddesses of the Dark Moon, who were queens of the underworld, which symbolizes the unconscious. We are not under the Dark Moon phase right now; nevertheless, I would like to mention a few things about Nemesis.

In mythology Nemesis was the goddess of rightful indignation. She was daughter of Nyx, Queen of Night, as was Eris. Nemesis is said to have directed human affairs in such a way as to maintain equilibrium and she made sure that humans respected the natural laws. The position of the asteroid in the birth chart is said to symbolize our conscience and guide us towards right action. If we don’t pay attention to her, then we suffer the consequences.

I made a connection in my mind to rune Gebo/Gyfu, the x-rune, which has a meaning of a gift (also a negative gift). Concepts like balance, equilibrium, exchange, honoring of contracts, agreements and “a price to pay” accompany it. For the Northern people a gift always called for another in return; accepting a gift put the recipient under an obligation to the giver. I think that the archetype of Nemesis actually has a lot of similarity with the ideas of this rune. Rune Gebo/Gyfu is sacred to Norse goddess Gefion, the bountiful giver. There is an asteroid number 1272 named after Gefion, so I checked its position in the Full Moon chart. Asteroid Gefion is conjunct the Sun at 5+ degrees Leo!

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