Total Lunar Eclipse of March 2007

Full Moon in Virgo – March 3, 2007, 23:17 UT

The eclipse occurs on the South Node. The Moon at 12+ degrees Virgo conjuncts retrograding asteroid Psyche and squares plutino Ixion and asteroid Hopi on the Great Attractor.

The Moon is the apex planet of a Yod formed by the Moon, Venus and Chiron. Asteroid Amor is at the same degree as Chiron. The Moon semisquares retrograding Juno and centaur planet Echeclus in Libra. The Sun in Pisces is in parallel conjunction with Uranus. The Sun = Venus/Chiron = Asbolus/Nessus = Eris/Mars.

A Fire Trine, formed by the conjunction of Saturn and asteroid Sphinx in Leo; a triple conjunction of Jupiter, cubewano Quaoar and asteroid Toro in Sagittarius; and the conjunction of dwarf planet Eris and centaur Asbolus in Aries, is completed as a Kite configuration by Neptune in Aquarius. Pallas is in conjunction with Neptune. Venus is in conjunction with Asbolus and Eris. Toro squares the lunar nodes.

Neptune septiles Pluto. A septile is a seventh harmonic aspect of 51 degrees and 26 minutes. Neptune forms a long series of septiles with Pluto between the years 2002 and 2012. The nearest exact septile between these planets occurred on February 22.

A triple conjunction of Pluto, asteroid Eros and asteroid Lilith squares the Aries Point. Asteroid Apollo in Scorpio, right on the ascendant of the chart cast for The Hague, Netherlands, sesquisquares the Aries Point. Apollo semisquares Pluto. Chiron and Amor semisquare Pluto as well. Pluto = Apollo/Chiron.

Mercury sextiles Pluto and the Galactic Core, trines Juno-Echeclus conjunction and quintiles Ixion. Ixion is receiving also a trine from Venus, a septile from Mars, a square from Uranus and a sextile from Chiron. Mars semisquares Jupiter and forms a novile to Uranus.

Saturn, Neptune, Sedna and Apollo form a Fixed Grand Cross.

Lilith = 0 Capricorn 05
Eros = 1 Capricorn 49
Atlantis = 2 Leo 43 r
Urania = 3 Aquarius 12
Nessus = 9 Aquarius 16
Psyche = 12 Virgo 15 r
Amor = 12 Aquarius 29
Ixion = 13 Sagittarius 27
Hopi = 13 Sagittarius 29
Apollo = 15 Scorpio 34
Toro = 16 Sagittarius 12
Quaoar = 17 Sagittarius 39
Asbolus = 18 Aries 00
Sedna = 19 Taurus 16
Sphinx = 19 Leo 41 r
Eris = 20 Aries 29
Echeclus = 27 Libra 03 r

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