Solar Eclipses

A Solar Eclipse can only occur on a New Moon and when the luminaries are in conjunction at or near either of the Lunar Nodes. The Moon is between the Sun and Earth and obscures the disc of the Sun totally or partially.

There are at least two Solar Eclipses in a year about six months apart one another, but the maximum number of Solar Eclipses in a year can be five, although this is very unusual (10 years in 300).

There are three kinds of Solar Eclipses: Total, Annular and Partial. A Total Solar Eclipse is visible only from specific places on Earth. A Hybrid or Annular/Total Eclipse is an eclipse which is seen as Annular from some parts of the Earth and Total from other locations.

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Sphinx Solar Eclipse charts:

29.03.2006 in Aries - Total
22.09.2006 in Virgo - Annular
19.03.2007 in Pisces - Partial
11.09.2007 in Virgo - Partial
07.02.2008 in Aquarius - Annular
01.08.2008 in Leo - Total
26.01.2009 in Aquarius - Annular

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