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New Moon in Leo — August 20, 2009, 13:02 UT

Friday, August 21st, 2009

The New Moon occurs at 28+ degrees of the creative sign of Leo, near the so-called Sphinx point, the region on the Leo-Virgo cusp. The Sphinx represents mysteries. Eric Francis sheds light on the subject in his article Leo and the Sphinx.


Unsolved mysteries are represented in this chart also by asteroid Sphinx in conjunction with Mars in Gemini. They sextile the New Moon. Some of these mysteries may get resolved by the help of the current aspect setting.


The New Moon opposes the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. These planets offer us awareness and inspiration. Together with the triple conjunction is asteroid Pandora. Martha Lang-Wescott writes about Pandora:


“You’ll recognize Pandora at work whenever you hear someone say, ‘Yes, but I didn’t know THAT was gonna’ happen!’ Pandora initiates a whole new ball game; it throws you a curve ball; it shows you that ‘with two, you get egg roll.’ And it uses curiosity and a desire for change to propel you into an entirely unexpected circumstance. …Often it leads one to paths they would not have tried — the sudden circumstance or consequence forces exploration of untried or latent talents.”


Mercury has entered its echo phase. It is in close conjunction with dwarf planet Makemake. Communication has an important role. Philip Sedgwick has suggested the following keywords for Makemake:


“Articulate and ultra-communicative. Self-assuredness, especially by verbal means. Clever, quick-witted and interested in invoking insight and inspiration with speech. Quick to report findings, regardless of impact.” Please read more at


The New Moon is in conjunction with Centaur planet Elatus. Tracy Delaney has written an excellent article on Elatus. According to Tracy, “Working with Elatus in charts, the art of communication is a theme commonly picked up by astrologers for this object… In its highest form I think Elatus is about communicating that which is deeply felt and comes through you, echoing the arrow passing straight through him in the myth, changing him as it does so. This is really all you can do with anything that comes from Neptune, where words are inadequate. The struggle comes when you try to do it the other way round; the frustrating process of grasping for the right words which seem out of reach, struggling to express yourself, not making yourself understood etc. You could look at it as a lesson about getting your ego out of the way, in this case to allow inspiration to come, for which you can take no credit. It seems to me that all the Centaurs have this same basic lesson, taught through their very different paths. I think Elatus could relate to learning through the whole creative process in that way, and the phenomenon of affecting others by it in ways you’ll never know.”


Please read the whole article at Serennu.





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