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Full Moon in Pisces – August 31, 2023, 01:36 UT

Wednesday, August 30th, 2023

The second Full Moon of the month occurs in Pisces conjunct Saturn and the dwarf planet 225088 Gonggong.

Full Moon in Pisces

225088 Gonggong is a scattered disc object discovered in 2007 and the fifth-largest known trans-Neptunian object after the dwarf planets Pluto, Eris, Haumea and Makemake. Its diameter is approximately 1,230 km and orbital period 554 years. Gonggong rotates slowly and has a satellite named Xiangliu.

Gonggong was named in 2020 after a Chinese water god. The name was chosen by the general public and approved by the International Astronomical Union. The discoverers Schwamb, Brown and Rabinowitz had selected three possible names for the poll: Gonggong from Chinese mythology, Holle from German mythology, and Vili from Norse mythology. All three figures are associated with water, ice, snow, and red color, which are characteristics of this dwarf planet.

In Chinese mythology, the water god Gonggong is depicted as having a red-haired human head and the body of a serpent. Gonggong was responsible for creating chaos, causing flooding, and tilting the Earth, and was sent into exile. According to the rules and guidelines of the IAU, the trans-Neptunian objects including the scattered disc objects should be given names associated with creation. In my opinion, naming the body after this destructive figure is a bit odd. Perhaps Vili from Norse mythology had been more fitting.

There was already an asteroid named after the Norse chief god Odin, but Odin was a god of many names. Vili and Vé were brothers of Odin, and together the three created the world. However, they can be taken as representing the three aspects of Odin. According to runologist Edred Thorsson, Odin (master of inspiration) is the transformative force at the root of consciousness and enthusiasm. Vili (the will) is the conscious application of a desired plan consciously arrived at. Ve (the sacred) is the spirit of separation in an independent sacred space. ”This separation between consciousness and ‘nature’ (that outside consciousness) must be effected before any transformations or ‘work’ can take place. All three are necessary; all three should work together as a whole,” writes Thorsson (Runelore, 1987).

Quentin Crisp (born Denis Charles Pratt; Dec. 25, 1908 – Nov. 21, 1999) was an English eccentric and gay icon who moved to New York in 1981. He was known for his fashion sense and wit. Crisp’s Gonggong is conjunct his Sun and Mercury in Capricorn, square Saturn in Aries, semisquare Mars in Scorpio, and semisextile Venus in Sagittarius. Crisp has said: ”Style is being yourself, but on purpose.”

Sting (Gordon Sumner; born Oct. 2, 1951) wrote his famous song Englishman in New York for and about Quentin Crisp. On some occasions Sting has said that the song is partly about himself and partly about Crisp. Sting’s Gonggong in Aquarius is trine his Sun-Saturn conjunction in Libra, sextile his Jupiter-Eris conjunction in Aries, and semisextile the North node in Pisces. Sting wrote in his memoir (Broken Music, 2003): ”I want to do this on my own terms, I want to be singular, and if that means being marginalized, then so be it. I will become stronger, and even if no one else knows who I am, I shall know myself.”

John Lydon (also known as Johnny Rotten; Jan. 31, 1956), is an English singer, best known as the lead singer of the influential punk band the Sex Pistols, which was active from 1975 to 1978, and again for various revivals during the 1990s and 2000s. He is also the lead singer of post-punk band Public Image Ltd (PiL), which he founded in 1978. Lydon’s Sun is conjunct Gonggong in Aquarius. Gonggong is sextile his Mars in Sagittarius, quintile his ascendant in Scorpio, and sesquisquare the Midheaven in Virgo. Quoting John Lydon: “I’ve spent my whole life trying to be myself. I’m not emulating other human beings, not trying to fit into what society thinks it has the right to dictate to me about what is right or wrong.”

Queen Elizabeth II (April 21, 1926 – Sept. 8, 2022) reigned the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms over 70 years. Her personal popularity remained high throughout her lifetime. She was hard-working, had a high sense of duty, and she devoted her life to the service of her people. Because of the protocol and rules, the royals are not expected to express their personal views or emotions publicly, and this can prevent the essence of their personality from showing to some extent. Nonetheless, one of the hallmarks of Queen Elizabeth was said to be her authenticity, which no doubt was one of the reasons why she was so respected and admired by the British people. Queen Elizabeth II had a prominent Gonggong in Capricorn at her ascendant and conjunct her lunar node axis. Gonggong was septile her Venus in Pisces, quintile Mercury in Aries, semisextile Jupiter in Aquarius, sextile Saturn in Scorpio, and quincunx Neptune in Leo. Perhaps Gonggong at the ascendant reflected her authentic personality to the people.

New Moon in Leo – August 16, 2023, 09:38 UT

Wednesday, August 16th, 2023

The New Moon in Leo is in exact conjunction with the minor planet 420356 Praamzius, named after the ancient European god of peace. The New Moon and Praamzius are square to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is unpredictable, but unfortunately it seems that we are not going to get peace in Europe anytime soon.

New Moon in Leo

420356 Praamzius was discovered more than ten years ago (Jan. 23, 2012) in Arizona by the Lithuanian astronomer Kazimieras Černis and the American astronomer Richard Boyle. The distant trans-Neptunian Praamzius is a cubewano, it is approximately 190–320 kilometers in diameter, and its orbital period is almost 278 years.

When trying to understand the astrological nature of a new minor planet, we can study the mythology associated with its name, aspects of the discovery chart, world events at the time of the discovery and naming, natal charts and transits, and the orbital elements of the body. The roundness of Praamzius’s orbit supports the idea of peace associated with this body. Many objects in the Kuiper belt have highly eccentric and inclined orbits, which can evoke even a notion of aggressiveness. The orbits of cubewanos instead are more circular and resemble the orbits of planets. Eccentricity is a parameter that describes the roundness of the orbit. For a perfect circle it is 0.0. Venus, the planet of peace and love, has the least eccentric orbit of the planets (0.007). Praamzius’s eccentricity varies a bit over time due to the position of the planets, but in 2016 when it was named it had even lower eccentricity than Venus (0.003).

Praamzius was named from Lithuanian mythology after the oldest and highest Lithuanian god related to the creation of the world. The creation was the result of opposite powers working together (light and darkness, creation and destruction). The world was continuously created by the eternal godly powers. Praamzius was the god of the sky, peace and friendship. He was also the ruler of time and fate. He thus had similarities with the Greek Kronos, who ruled the mythical Golden Age, when peace, harmony and stability prevailed, and there were no wars.

Praamzius is in strict conjunction with the Taurus Sun of the European Union, symbolizing its core principles. The European Union was established on May 9, 1950, when the French foreign minister Robert Schuman delivered a speech, which is known as the Schuman Declaration. The most important goals of the declaration were to make war between member states impossible and to encourage solidarity and world peace. Quoting Schuman: “Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity.”

The ascendant of the EU chart is in Libra. Taurus and Libra are both signs ruled by Venus, and besides peace and harmony, Venus can be associated with financial interests. Venus is in Aries at the North node of the Moon, showing orientation towards the future. The Moon is in the co-operative sign Aquarius.

Robert Schuman has a 10th house Praamzius in Aquarius. In chart comparison it is in conjunction with the Moon of the European Union. In Schuman’s chart there is an impressive Kite configuration involving the Moon, Venus and Neptune in Taurus, Mars and Jupiter in Virgo, and Ceres in Capricorn. Mercury in Cancer is the apex of the Kite. His Praamzius in Aquarius is in aspect to the planets of the Kite pattern.

When Russia began the invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022, it attacked the whole of Europe and its core principles. The victory of Ukraine must be ensured by sufficient financial and military aid, because it is the only way to restore peace in Europe.